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Gordon Lumber Company

Gordon Lumber Company

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Kalahari, Sandusky set the stage for Gordon's March 1, 2018 Contractor Show event!  show 2018 3aBanners lined the corridor to announce Gordon's 150th Anniversary and the unveiling of the new Gordon logo!  

This years vendors included two Major Sponsors, Culpeper and Primesource, and two Silver Sponsors, Hansen and PalmerDonavin.  Forty-six vendors in total displayed their products and answered questions to over 450 contractors.

The show committee meets once a month starting six months prior to the event.  They make all the plans from giveaways to food to decorations to the 150th Anniversary cake. show 2018 2A Big THANK YOU goes out to the show committee, Amanda Shammo, Hillary Wertenbach, Justin Tracy, Scott McNutt, Tate Maurer, Brian Magyar, Kevin Fahey, Marc Lovins, Erin Leonard, and Mike Kuntz for all their help at the show and over the past year with planning and making the show such a big success!

As you might recall, the weather report was calling for heavy rain, 3" to 6" of snow along with high winds - and it all came true!  THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Kalahari and joined the celebration!


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