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Spreading-putty1What you need:

  • Spackle,
  • putty knife
  • fan or hair dryer
  • fine-grit sandpaper
  • interior-latex primer
  • small paintbrush or roller
  • and paint (ideally left over from when you painted the room)

Schlage Keyless Entry

We just wrapped up our 13th annual Gordon Lumber Product / Contractor Show in Gibsonburg.

While there, one product in particular caught my interest: the Schlage keyless entry system.

I thought about how wonderful this would be. I wouldn't have to carry house keys.

I wouldn't have to worry about locking myself out of my house.

I wouldn't need to hide a spare key, which can pose a security risk.

After looking into keyless entry systems, I did find a couple of drawbacks.

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