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Making a heating and air conditioning system work for the family is a great way to cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and keep the home more comfortable.

  • Start by installing a programmable thermostat that will keep the house at a set temperature throughout the day when no one is home. This means you will no longer forget to turn the heat or air down just before leaving and could save hundreds of dollars in the process.
  • Replace peeling or rigid weather stripping around all doors and windows. Most weather stripping has a five to ten year warranty, but depending on how much wear and tear it receives it may not last that long. It is easiest to go ahead and replace as much as you can at once. Also consider adding door sweeps to every exterior door to prevent floor drafts. Since heat rises, floors can feel chilly to begin with. Door sweeps will prevent a draft from blowing across the floor

Cleaning-Shower-DoorsKeeping shower doors clean and streak free is a challenge—unless you know the pros' secrets. Start by cleaning any mold, mildew or streaks off the glass with a glass cleaner. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get into the cracks in textured glass. Scrape off tough buildup with a razor blade. Dry the doors with a cloth.
Treat the doors with a product like Aquapel (autobodydepot.com) or Rain-X (available at auto parts stores and home centers). These glass treatments form an invisible film on the glass to increase water repellency, causing water and soap to bead up and run off the glass. (Squeegee off the water after bathing to keep soap scum from building up again.) Spray or wipe on the glass treatment, then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Overspray won't harm surrounding surfaces. The products repel water for six months.

Accidents can happen. Make sure you careful when you’re working at heights; with power tools or sharp blades; with heavy, awkward, or toxic materials; or with electricity or natural gas. Think about the Big Picture: It simply isn’t worth it to do your own home improvements if you run a high risk of seriously injuring yourself.

By using these proven safety rules, you can greatly reduce your risk of danger or injury. 

Here are a few very important practices and rules:

The Correct CaulkChoosing the wrong caulk or sealant can cost you time and money. 

So, before your next project, consider these qualities of the product: flexibility, adhesion, paintability and service life.

Then, answer these questions:

Where will the product be applied?

Sealants and caulks are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. Check the tube to make sure you're buying the right kind.

How to Stain a Deck

If you plan to paint or stain this weekend, here are a few points to consider before applying that first coat of paint to your next project.

  • How well exterior paints and stains adhere to wood is a result of wood properties and the various manufacturing processes. Dense wood shrinks and swells more than light wood, which stresses paint and solid-color stains and causes them to chip or peel prematurely.

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