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Installation Services

Simplify Your Construction Process

Workers assembling a roof truss.

Our Experienced Crew

Installed Labor Services

Framing is the most technical, code-dependent phase of a building project, so it’s essential to partner with a company that can manage those details.

Gordon Lumber offers installed labor for rough framing, exterior siding, interior trim and other components of your build.

A Dedicated Installation Crew

Contractor using a table to share house plans with his crew.

Our installation team consists of expert individuals with experience in estimation, design, job site management and as importantly, communicating with our customers. We will work with you to assess your product and labor needs to determine if Gordon Lumber installed labor services are right for your project. Installed labor streamlines project construction by combining material sourcing and labor into a single efficient service.

Benefits of Installed Labor

Four employees standing in a home building site and discussing building plans.

The Gordon Lumber team is well-versed in coordinating moving parts. We’ve created a detailed process to manage quality checks, documentation and labor resources based on your project scale. We can provide a larger installation labor force that’s consistently available to help your builder do what they do best. Our crews also specialize in different types of installed labor and know the varying processes inside and out.

Find out if installed labor is right for your build.