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Going the Extra Mile in Design

Computer screen with 3d rendering of a construction site.

Our Approach to Building

Better by Design

The Gordon Lumber team uses 3D design and engineering software to create commercial and residential construction building solutions.

The integrated technology allows us to design and create custom components to suit your unique specifications and plan for building materials down to the last stud.

How it Works

Problem-Solving Taken a Step Further

Computer screen with 3D rendering of a home building site.

Our build software takes a holistic approach to reconfiguring a 2D blueprint into a virtual 3D model. Each framing member is accounted for and labeled. Our process identifies problems that may not be apparent on a 2D blueprint but show up on a three-dimensional model. Catching build issues early on increases the likelihood of staying within your construction budget.

Knowledge and Distribution

Man looking at a 3D blueprint on a tablet while on a building site.

The 3D rendering provides a realistic projection of your structure. Part of that process involves reworking conflicting measurements, structure placements and features that could create problems for a build. The more time we spend fine-tuning your plan, the less time you’ll have to spend addressing and paying for unexpected issues

Building the Bones

Computer monitors with 3D renderings of construction site.

Our 3D renderings simplify the building process by taking your traditional 2D plans to the next level so you can see your structure from a new perspective. We also define the exact amount of building materials and components you’ll need, from full trusses to nails, and where they go so you can get the job done.

Build your foundation with a team you can trust.